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Today we are making the first big step towards transitioning Codiqa users to the all new Ionic Creator, our next generation tool for quickly building mobile apps and web apps that look and feel native across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

A few months ago we announced the next big thing from the Codiqa team, and the future of mobile design and prototyping tools. We hope you take a look at that post if you would like a deeper understanding behind our motivations for creating a new product with a new mobile framework.

Today, we are turning off new user registration for Codiqa and will be directing users to Ionic Creator. If you’re an existing Codiqa customer, you can continue to log in and use the tool, though you now have access to Creator and we hope you’ll check it out as we consider it a major improvement over Codiqa.

To use your existing Codiqa account on Creator, you’ll need to Reset your Password on the Ionic Platform to generate a new password and log in.

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition, please reach out to us by clicking the help bubble on We are standing by to help Codiqa users get the most out of our next generation mobile development tool. We will have more information over email through the coming weeks.

From all of us at Codiqa and now Ionic, we thank you for your continued support and help making an awesome product over the last four years!



Hi, I'm Max, Co-founder of Codiqa, the easiest way to build jQuery Mobile prototypes. I'd love to talk with you: follow me!

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