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Today we are incredibly excited to announce that Codiqa is joining the Ionic team.

Ionic makes it easy to build rich, native-quality mobile apps and websites using HTML5, Javascript, and AngularJS. Think jQuery Mobile, but from the future!

When we started Codiqa in 2012, we had one goal: make it easier for more people to build great mobile apps and websites.

And it worked. Codiqa developers created over 100,000 mobile apps from countries all around the world.


But we realized that there was a bigger opportunity here. Instead of just building tools on top of great frameworks like jQuery Mobile, what if there was a better technology for building mobile apps?

At the same time, the Ionic Framework had been released and quickly rose to popularity: becoming one of the top 50 most popular open source projects in the world in 2014-15, and had over 375,000 apps built on the platform in just a year.

We realized that Codiqa users would benefit immensely from the performance and native-quality of Ionic, and we made the decision to join forces.

What changes?

Today? Nothing. You can still use your Codiqa account and all your projects will be available throughout 2015. We will notify you before any major changes take place.

Your account will be migrated over to Ionic in the coming weeks and months. You may start to receive emails and other info related to Ionic.

Thank you!

Above all, we want to thank you, Codiqa customers, for making Codiqa as great of a product as it is. We wouldn’t be here without your help! Ionic is the next step on our journey to make HTML5 on mobile a top-tier solution.


Hi, I'm Max, Co-founder of Codiqa, the easiest way to build jQuery Mobile prototypes. I'd love to talk with you: follow me!

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