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We are excited to announce that the new Codiqa forum is up!  While the previous forum was extremely popular, 16,000 spambots were not really the crowd we wanted to cater to.

Once the inundation of spam began, we realized the original forum had become more of a liability than an asset.  Yet at the same time, we recognized that we have awesome and very vocal users, and wanted to provide a community resource where they could pool their knowledge for the benefit of everyone.

So we have opened up a brand new forum for you, our dedicated users, with the sincere hope that it will become a place you can go to ask and answer questions about Codiqa, share new ideas, and enjoy discussing topics within the mobile space.

You no longer need to sign-up for a separate account – your Codiqa account is now tied directly to your forum profile!  While the forum will be visible to the public, this means that only Codiqa users will be able to comment and post. We built this for you.

You can access the forum at  We’ll see you there. Happy posting!

Tim Lancina

Fledgling Developer. I love learning new languages and kicking balls with my feet.

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