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As most of our users know by now, our team has grown and we have started pushing to add some features that will continue to improve the Codiqa experience.  One feature that has long been requested is an HTML component, and we are thrilled to announce that it is now live.

Within Codiqa you can now enter your own custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript directly within the editor. Just like with all the other components, simply drag and drop the “HTML” icon into your page. Once placed or highlighted, to the right of the app you can easily enter your own custom markup.

The framework beneath Codiqa is jQuery Mobile, which has certain guidelines in how HTML should be constructed so that it can optimize your webpages for various devices. Because of jQuery Mobile’s required structure, allowing unrestricted HTML editing could easily break the necessary markup.

The great news is that with the HTML component you will not have to worry about breaking your web pages, and whatever markup you insert stays confined within that component instance. Additionally, you can easily add multiple HTML components and move them area even after placing them.

Another great addition is the ability to include JavaScript (both internal and external) directly within the HTML component. For example, you can easily embed third party scripts, such as Twitter’s tweet embed:

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When in “Build” mode the JavaScript will not execute. However, when in “Test” mode the JavaScript will execute the same as it would on a mobile device.

Please give it a shot and let us know how it goes!


Adam Bradley

Maker of Internet things focusing on web applications, mobile, responsive images, responsive web design and content delivery. Proud dad, husband, veteran and dogs' best friend. Swing by and say hello on twitter.

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