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Hey friends,

Ben here. Our team has recently returned to Madison, WI after living in San Antonio, TX for three months while we participated in this year’s TechStars Cloud class. Now that we’re back and settling into our new office (more on that soon), we’re swinging things into high gear around here again. With that said, I’m really excited to announce a stellar update for Codiqa today!

Codiqa now supports jQuery Mobile 1.3.1!

jQuery Mobile 1.3.1

This is a big one. We *finally* updated all of Codiqa’s components to the latest version of jQuery Mobile. With is update some of you may experience icons out place or other theming issues. Just make sure your theme is updated to 1.3.1. To do that, simply go to ThemeRoller and click the “Import or Upgrade” button at the top. Then, paste in your theme’s CSS to update. That’s it! Trust me, it’s well worth is because 1.3.1 brings faster transitions, broader device support, and better performance overall!

Many of you have been asking for this for a while, and we’re sorry it took longer than we would have liked to release this. Regardless, you can rest assured that we will be on top of the jQuery Mobile version updates with Codiqa from now on. If you experience any troubles with the latest version, send us a message!

That’s it for today. Expect more exciting updates from us in the coming weeks. We have some great stuff lined up for May! 🙂

As always, we want to know what you think.  What other updates would you like to see added next? Let us know!



I'm Ben, one of the co-founders of Codiqa. I like pushing pixels and building simple products. Minimalist at heart. Say hello to me on Twitter!

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