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The past year was definitely an exciting one. We built Codiqa from scratch, gained 10,000 users in one month, moved into an office, and released a new version of Codiqa. Well, 2013 has finally arrived and we’re all still alive. W00t! We want to start this year off right, and what better way to do that than by releasing some super steller open source themes for jQuery Mobile!

Themes have kind of been a big deal here at Codiqa. We’ve released a few in the past, and people really loved them. So, this time around we decided to go all in and create a fully loaded theme pack, with 8 custom color swatches. We call it, Graphite.

Graphite Preview

Graphite is a minimalist theme pack built on 100% jQuery Mobile. It’s also completely open source. We felt there was room for new design alternatives to the default jQM pack, and Graphite is our contribution. It’s inspired by our love for simple, clean, and colorful design. We think you’ll love it, too.

Check out our Github repo page, download and test out the swatches, and let us know what you think! Heck, feel free to contribute to it. We have some really cool plans in store for Graphite, and we would love your feedback on moving it forward. Oh, we’ll also be integrating Graphite directly into Codiqa. 🙂

That’s all for now. Happy theming!




I'm Ben, one of the co-founders of Codiqa. I like pushing pixels and building simple products. Minimalist at heart. Say hello to me on Twitter!

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