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Hello, friends!

Today I’m really excited to introduce to you our newest member of the Codiqa team, Tim Lancina. The story of how Tim fell into working with us is actually quite awesome.

Max and I first got to know Tim back when we were in high school! At the time, Max ran and updated a small social website called “MuffinPeddler” (don’t ask) that was much like Facebook long before it ever existed (hey, it was our idea first!) for just our high school pals. Basically, if you went to our high school you could sign up with an account and share interesting images, ideas, poems, links, etc. with everyone else, who could then comment, share, or repost it. Essentially, it was a glorified forum.

As you might have guessed, this is how we first met Tim. Although he was three years younger than us, we all got to know each other through the MuffinPeddler as Tim became one of the more active members on the site. Then, Max and I moved away to College and the MuffinPeddler faded into mere memories.

Several years and a couple of degrees later, Codiqa was well on it’s way. Max and I had just decided to locate permanently in Madison, WI and out of the blue received an email from our old friend, Tim. He was attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison in peruse of a degree in Computer Science, and was eager to help out in any way he could with Codiqa. Considering the fact that we had officially decided to dig our heads in and remain bootstrapped (more on that later), we couldn’t have been happier to hear that from him. We didn’t hesitate a second in asking him to join our team.

As they say, “the rest is history.” Well, it’s only been about a month. Regardless, Tim has joined as Codiqa’s favorite Support Engineer intern, and will be handling support requests, testing new features, implementing web updates, and fixing any pesky bugs that may arise. Not to mention, he’s an all around awesome guy. Feel free to get in touch with him at

That’s all for now!

Ben for the Codiqa team


I'm Ben, one of the co-founders of Codiqa. I like pushing pixels and building simple products. Minimalist at heart. Say hello to me on Twitter!

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